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During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I began the “Portraits in Doomsville” project. Doomsville is a town located in the uncanny valley where all the events of “Toxic Tea Party” take place. It exists somewhere between our reality and another creepy dimension where symbolism, paradox, and consumerism define the values of society. The characters that populate this strange place, known as Creeps, accept the macabre theme of their lives during wartime as the norm. A product called “Toxic Tea” serves as their cultural anchor. This product symbolizes the internal toxicity that we hold inside ourselves that we gladly consume and share with others. The Creeps of Doomsville gleefully consume and advertise “Toxic Tea” without reflection or the desire to analyze their culture that is apathetic to endless war and reveres consumerism through blatant propaganda.  


Time-Lapse Videos

Paintings & Murals

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