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Updated: Jul 19, 2020

I wrote this poem after visiting South Minneapolis the day that the 3rd District Precinct burned down. It was a surreal and life changing experience for me. I will never be the same after experiencing those two weeks here in the Twin Cities.

I wish I had wings

I'm flying in most of my dreams

I am always running late for something

For me, that's a nightmare

Even when I have nowhere to go

Nights become dawn

And I stew in my own anxiety

Nights become daydreams

Can't tell what's really reality

Life is a comic tragedy

I wish I had wings

I wish I could find some peace

And release the weight

From my broken black shoulders

I'm shackled by proxy

Take the sadness from my

Onyx eyes

I wish the world wasn't burning

Still tasting the toxicity

In my mouth

Collective sadness

Pouring out walls

Tearing down walls

The whole city was burning

((Collective Trauma))

I feel my heart racing

Even when I'm sitting in silence

As an act of violently peaceful


I wish I had wings so I could go faster

I'd never be late

Because the nightmare

Of being trapped by time

That I always feel is running out

Is exhausting

Every day is a photo finish

The night falls

And I want to dance in that

Let the losses of the day

Turn into a bitter wine

That I can sit and sip

Until I'm drunk off my own self-deprecation

Every night is a heartache

The whole world is burning

I'm on fire

And my soul is melted



I cry tears of years

Of words I spoke

That no one ever listened to

The graffiti spoke to me

The walls told me that I wasn't the

Only one who doesn't feel free

Why us?

The walls were screaming

And I listened

I know what it feels like

To not feel heard

My heart is breaking

And they ask me

How I'm holding up

After night after night

Of staying up

Fighting tangled memories

The taste of the air

The taste of tears

The burn of my memories

I wish I could fly far away

And not chase deadlines

My world is burning

And it's fine

I'll be fine

We will rebuild

With or without wings


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