Toxic Tea Party is a multi-installment, on-going macabre surrealism project that paints post-apocalyptic dreamscapes. The title of the project comes from the notion that all of us have some level of toxicity within us that we steep in almost like a tea -- and we can't wait to invite others to a party to enjoy our misery and personal malignancies. So Divine's Toxic Tea Party invites you into her headspace as she tackles the "taboo" issues that she struggles with like grief, life, death, sexuality, gender, shame, guilt, and eccentricity. 

The setting for this project takes place in Doomsville, The Uncanny Valley. The "Uncanny Valley" is a term used to describe the feeling of unease when humans interact with things that are creepy, too human, or not human enough. Doomsville is a small town populated by strange people and things that are existing quite comfortably in a macabre yet quirky space that depicts life during wartime. This world was heavily influenced by the wartime propaganda and advertisements of the 1920s-1960s. 

Toxic Tea Party is a very unique project because each installment is expressed in multiple mediums from performance art shows and illustrations to 3-Dimensional interactive art pieces. It allows the viewer to take a trip to Doomsville

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